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we are in a magical place surrounded by pure, living nature!


we practice in the meadow in good weather
Practice in a nice room with a view in cold weather


Yin yoga is a style of yoga where postures are held for quite a long time, generally ranging from 3 to 5 or more minutes. When a posture is held for such a long time, the deep tissues of the body such as tendons, fascia, ligaments and other connective tissues are stretched. This especially increases flexibility and improves circulation in the joints and certain other tissues of the body. During Yin yoga, specific sequences are used to stimulate particular energy channels; these channels, also called meridians in Chinese medicine, are called nadis in India. During the practice of Yin yoga, one tries to maintain attention within the body and a meditative state.



Vinyasa yoga is a modern practice characterised by fluidity of movement. Like other yoga styles, it is based on the use of breathing exercises and postures or asanas. Unlike other more static styles, Vinyasa yoga requires strength and muscular endurance when performing the various transitions. Through the constant use of breathing, as in other practices of this thousand-year-old discipline, it helps improve concentration and manage daily stress. Vinyasa yoga is a fun and relaxing activity, however strenuous. The inhalation and exhalation exercises that accompany each movement make it unique. Vinyasa yoga is a modern yoga practice ideal for those who enjoy a more dynamic style.


Meditation is a practice that is used to achieve greater mastery over the activities of the mind, so that it ceases its usual background chattering and becomes absolutely quiet, peaceful. Meditation is about enjoying the present moment and disciplining the mind to detach itself from its ‘autopilot’ to contemplate what is around us and feel all the sensations that run through our bodies in the present. Meditation helps us focus on the here and now, without anxieties, worries and superfluous thoughts.